If you find Sabrina in her natural habitat, you will most likely find her eating. If she is not eating, she is probably searching the web, reading or playing with her 2 cats.

Sabrina lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She is a legal assistant at a law firm by day and a blogger by night. She has the ongoing support of her boyfriend who has helped her through it all.

Sabrina became vegan 2 years ago and it has since changed her life. She found it hard at first as she did not know where to begin. She felt overwhelmed by all of the information and the new way of living – the hardest part was finding good recipes and restaurants that cater to vegans. Little by little her recipe collection grew as well as her lists of restaurants that she eats at. Sabrina has created this blog to help transitioning vegans find food that you actually want to eat.

She also sometimes posts about her favourite, life-changing books that she is loving. Sabrina loves reading self-improvement books as learning about new ways of thinking help put a different perspective on life. 


                                                                               – Sabrina Sinclair