Vegan in Toronto: Big Mac at Apiecalypse Now!

Oh my lord. I mean, that’s literally it. I just came back from my trip to Toronto and I’ll be honest with you all, getting this pizza was at least 75% of the reason that we went. The pizza in Vancouver tastes like used cat litter in comparison to this pizza. Every single little thing about this pizza is perfect and could not have been made any better – the dough, the toppings, the cheese and the crust. Everything about this is incredible. The dough is perfectly fluffy, the toppings add a nice and different texture. The overall taste is so harmonized.

If you are fancy – which you all are, you really need eat this pizza with the garlic dip. It’s the best dip that I have tried from there. Is this the healthiest meal? No, it’s not but you can just be mindful of what you eat the week before you come here and enjoy yourself.

The last time I was here (a year ago), I had asked them what they made their cheese out of. It obviously wasn’t the cheese shreds as it was some type of sauce. I knew it couldn’t be a nut-based sauce as it didn’t have that type of taste. They told me that they use Daiya cheese and that they add other stuff to it. I was simply blown away because Daiya cheese really is not my favourite and it doesn’t at all taste like it.

You all seriously NEED TO come here. It’s will be like nothing you have ever tasted before!

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