Vegan Snack Recipe: Black Bean Brownies

Hey everyone! How are you doing today?

I am kind of upset about this recipe. All my life, I thought that this would be something that is really gross. I never even gave it thought. It wasn’t until I was scrolling through my insta feed when I saw someone post a picture of a black bean brownie. That person basically promised me that black bean in brownies IS a good idea and that I should try it. Well… I tried it. I am really upset of HOW GOOD THESE BROWNIES ARE! Oh my gosh these are literally life changing! Not that I am on a no-carb diet or anything, but these don’t have any flour in them, they are full of fibre and all the beautiful vitamins and minerals that black beans have in them, AND they are also delicious and taste almost exactly like a real brownie. You can definitely fool people if you put icing on them. Shout out to the person that inspired this creation. I don’t know/remember who it was, but you are awesome!

Please take my word for it that these are incredible!

I made a few modifications to this recipe. First, I made everything in a blender. It was a bit messy to get out but other than that, it worked great. Second, I used brown sugar instead of white sugar. Lastly, I used vegetable oil instead of coconut oil – I had run out of coconut oil and didnt have any left.

Please please please make these.

The recipe is found here.

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