Vegan in Vancouver: Sesame Kale Salad at Soil YVR

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well!

Today, I am coming at you with a salad that I had in Vancouver. I recently wanted to explore Vancouver and try some new restaurants that I have never gone to before. I heard about this restaurant and have been really curious to go. I wanted to look at their menu online, but they don’t have a website. I like to prepare myself before I go to any restaurant and decide ahead of time what I am going to get so I really was not sure if I should take the chance. What if the food here was gross and nothing on the menu interested me? I took the chance and went here.

I had one of the most unique and delicious salads ever! I had the Sesame Kale salad. It came with green kale, roasted brussels sprouts, marinated tempeh, sesame chips, gomashio (what is this?) and a ginger sesame dressing. This salad is nothing like I have ever tasted before. I have had something similar to the sesame chips, but the salad and the other fixings were so delicious! I am really not sure how to explain it, other than that it was so tasty.

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely not one of those people that thinks a salad is boring. It is boring if it’s just lettuce and some boring dressing, sure. But I really do enjoy eating salads. You don’t feel guilty when eating them because it’s actually health and I also just find them so satisfying.

The menu at Soil YVR is rotating, but my server said that they will probably always have this salad on the menu indefinitely because it’s so popular.

Instead of taking any chances and possibly missing out on this salad, you all really need to try it as soon as possible! It’s also pretty affordable too!

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