Vegan Dinner Recipe: Caesar Salad

Hey everyone! How is your weekend going?

Today is a great day for a Caesar salad recipe! Why, you ask? Because Caesar salad is delicious and I can eat it every/any day.

I found this recipe from one of my Instagram heroes – Erin Ireland. She posts amazing content and is the root of a lot of my food cravings. She posted a story of herself making this recipe awhile back. I decided to try and make it for may dad. My dad isn’t vegan so it’s always the ultimate test to see if he will like the food I make for him. Hi dad if you are reading this post.

Anyways, I made this dressing twice. The first time I made it, I followed the recipe but I found that all of the garlic that the recipe called for made it way too spicy. I added more hummus and lemon to tone it down a bit. The next time that I made it, I made it with roasted garlic hummus (rather than plain hummus) and only used half of the garlic that the original recipe calls for. Let me tell you that this made all of the difference!

This recipe is healthy and delicious. It’s quick to prepare and you don’t need a blender. What more could anyone ask for? It’s important to note that this doesn’t taste like the traditional bottled dressing, but it’s still really good and has the resemblance of the bottled dressing.

If you are wondering, I served my dad the first batch of the Caesar salad dressing and he said he liked it. He didn’t get a chance to try my modified version, but I am sure that he also would have liked it.

The recipe is found here.

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