Vegan in Surrey: Yellow Curry at Nahm Thai Bistro

Hey everyone! How is your Super Bowl Sunday going? To be honest, I am not a sports fan at all. I actually thought that the Super Bowl was during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday for some reason. So there’s that.

A while back, you may remember that I mentioned there is a restaurant that serves the best Pad Thai. Well, this is the same restaurant and it has THE BEST YELLOW CURRY literally ever. No joke. I am so darn serious. I haven’t tried much from this restaurant other than a handful of things, but everything that I have tried is amazing! This restaurant is a bit expensive, but it’s still one of my favourites. It’s also a hidden gem because they don’t advertise as vegan, but they most definitely will accommodate you. They also have a bunch of gluten-free options. Not to mention that the interior of this restaurant is super romantic so it’s perfect for date nights (if you are single, you can take yourself out for a date. You deserve it!).

When you come to this restaurant, you have to get the yellow curry with vegetable AND tofu. There will be an extra charge for both vegetable and tofu. I also order the jasmine rice to eat with the yellow curry. I feel like the amount of jasmine rice provided is not enough for the amount of curry, but WHO CARES. YOU WILL BE DRINKING THIS CURRY LIKE NO TOMORROW. LIQUID GOLD.

I have a few more hidden gems that I am so excited to share with you all so stay tuned. What is your favourite hidden gem?

Here is the restaurant.

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