Vegan Dinner Recipe: Summer Glow Buddha Bowl

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was very busy. I spent Saturday cleaning (and napping) and today, I was meal prepping. I am going to be doing a type of food cleanse where I only eat whole-foods, no oil and no salt. I am not doing this to lose weight, but just to be healthy. I will write more about it next week, but for today, I want to share with you all one of the most delicious bowl recipes that I have ever had!

I keep coming back to this recipe and it’s starting to get ridiculous. This is the perfect meal for anyone looking to eat their veggies in an enjoyable way. I know it’s probably strange to say this, but I am not really a vegetable person. Growing up, my favourite “vegetable” was a potato (I was completely devastated when I learned that a potato is a grain). Anyway, this bowl is great because you can hardly taste the veggies and because it’s health (minus all of the oil) and satisfying.

When preparing this recipe, I like to shred (in the food processor) the carrots and the beets. For the zucchini, I cut them in half lengthwise and then in half lengthwise again so I am left with 4 long pieces. Then I just slice the rest. When cooking the zucchini, I do not cook it in oil, but instead, I cook it in water. I don’t usually like to add the snap peas or the spinach because I feel like they change the texture and taste of the dish in a completely different way and I don’t want it like that. I do usually add the green beans, but I completely forgot about them this time.

For the dressing, I like to add an extra tablespoon of the red wine vinegar because I really like the tartness of it. For anyone who hasn’t tried red wine vinegar and who does not like the taste of wine, this doesn’t taste like wine at all so don’t worry. I also recommend only adding the 6 tablespoons of oil (I prefer sunflower) because if you add 8 tablespoons in total, I feel like it dilutes the dressing and becomes flavourless.

Also, I find that this recipe makes 3 servings and not 4.

The recipe is found here.

What is your favourite bowl recipe? Share it below in the comments section.

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