Vegan Dessert Recipe: Apple Crumble

Oh. My. Gosh. You have to try this. I am not kidding. I just don’t even know how to put how good both of these are into words. I will do my best so here it goes.

This apple crumble is just perfect. The apples, the crispy bits, the sweetness and the tartness. I did modify this recipe a bit. First, I used red apples instead of green. I also didn’t measure out how much I used. I just used enough apples to fill my baking tray (I think I used a 9×9). Second, I used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. I did this because I didn’t have brown sugar on hand and I also felt that brown sugar would be too sweet. If you have brown sugar, you can definitely use it. I also would really recommend if you peeled the apples (as instructed to in the recipe). It makes a huge difference. I just used a vegetable peeler to do this and it works great. This recipe is perfect for the holiday season and everyday (haha).

Now, this will take some time to prepare, but it is so worth it. Everything just comes together so nicely and the flavours really compliment each other. I think a key ingredient is the lemon. When I was looking for an apple crumble recipe, a lot of them didn’t have lemon in it which is so surprising!

I suggest eating warm and by itself because I feel like if you were to use ice cream, then it would take away from the flavour and the crispy bits. If you do eat it with ice cream, do not put the ice cream on top. Please. For the love of food!

Do you all have any plans for the holiday season?

The recipe is found here.

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