Vegan in Vancouver: Cheese Platter at Indigo Age Café

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was good. I went to a local vegan grocery store (Vegan Supply) and got some goodies. You can see what I got on my Instagram page. It was so nice not having to look at every single label to see if there was animal products in the ingredients. Other than that, I just stayed at home and took it easy.

In downtown Vancouver there is a gem of a restaurant tucked away in a basement. It’s called Indigo Age Café. They are a vegan restaurant that specializes in Ukrainian food, but also serve other types of food (including raw meals). I recently wrote a post about their amazing raw burger. This time, I ordered the cheese plater. It came with homemade crackers, bread, apples, blueberries, raisins, 3 types of cheeses, butter and lotus slices (the website said that it also comes with jam, but I didn’t receive any). I think the flavours of the cheeses were: chipotle, herb and maple. I really liked the maple cheese. I never thought of or even heard of a sweet cheese. What a brilliant idea! It went great with the apples and the crackers. When you come to this restaurant (which you really should), you should know that the cheeses don’t actually taste like cheese, but more like a spread. When I think of cheese, I think of the Babybel Cheese. It doesn’t taste like that, but the maple one is still really great!.

The presentation of this dish is obviously beautiful. I love coming here because you can tell that it is almost “undiscovered”. The creators of the dishes put a lot of thought and love into everything which shows. This place is truly special.

What is your favourite local vegan restaurant?

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