Vegan in Vancouver: Evergreen Roll at Kadoya Japanese Restaurant

It’s been awhile! How is everyone doing? This weekend was super busy for me. I spent all day Saturday moving and all day Sunday unpacking and cleaning. Saturday was really stressful because I had to move my cats from the old apartment to the new apartment. My cats are elderly (one is 18 years old and the other is 10 years old) so I tried to be very careful and not stress them out too much. They really don’t like being in the car or being in cages so they were crying so much during the move. Luckily, the drive was only 10 minutes. Teenies (the 10 year old cat) was really scared and hid under the bed all day Saturday, but she started to come around in the night time (after I went to bed). She is doing better now, but she is still getting used to the different noises. Mr. Cat (the 18 year old cat) is doing great. He was obviously worried while we were packing up the old apartment and terrified during the move, but after he explored the new apartment, he adjusted instantly. Anyway, lets get on to what you all came here for – food!

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely hate sushi! Everything about it is gross and boring. Who wants to just eat rice with soy sauce? Don’t even get me started on seaweed. However, just by chance, this dish jumped out from the heavens and in front of me. My work ordered it for a lunch one day and I told my coworker to just get me whatever that is vegan and she picked this. I am so thankful that this dish summoned me. I love everything about this sushi. I love that the sushi is wrapped with soy paper (this has no taste). I love the different veggies in it. And most of all, I absofreakinlutely love, love, love this sauce! I asked what it is made out of and they refused to tell me. Sorry guys! I am not sure what that white stuff is that it comes with, but I think it is some type of pickled ginger. The ginger is really good with the sushi also!

You all should definitely go here and try out this sushi! Make sure you ask for extra sauce because you will slurp it all up before you finish the roll. If you don’t live around here, come here. Trust me. This sushi is worth it!

Have you tried this place? What is your favourite sushi restaurant?

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