Vegan in Vancouver: Fresh Addiction Burger – Indigo Age Café

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? What did you all get up to? My weekend was very busy. My boyfriend and I are currently looking for an apartment to rent and we were going to view some on the weekend, but some things fell through so we ended up going to Victoria for the day (I will be posting about it shortly). Then today was the usual laundry, grocery shopping, make dinner, clean ect.

I recently went to Indigo Age Café and I ordered the Fresh Addiction Burger. Take a note of who you are in this very moment. Then, go to Indigo and get this burger. Make a note of who you are after you have tried this burger. Now, compare your notes. You will notice that who you are as a person has now changed completely. You are no longer who you once were. That is how good this burger is – it will change you.

Firstly, you can tell that this burger is made with fresh, quality ingredients. Second, I have never thought to do this myself, but it is topped with guacamole and salsa. You can tell that this dish (and every other dish) has had a lot of thought and care put into it.

I don’t really care for the salad on the side of the plate as it doesn’t have much flavour. BUT YOU STILL NEED TO ORDER THIS BURGER ANYWAYS.

This burger is raw which means that all of the live nutrients that are present before you cook your vegetables are still there and not killed off. You are getting the most nutrients out of your meal/food. How great is that?

Lastly, sorry that this is the second burger posting in a row. No, I don’t only just eat burgers. I promise.

Not sponsored.

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