Vegan Dinner Recipe: Alfredo

Oh boy, do I have something special for you! I came across this alfredo recipe when I was so frustrated that all of the alfredo recipes that I tried out were not up to my standards. Sure, some of them were good sauces for pasta, but not alfredo. This is another one of those recipes that are life changing. There are a few ingredients and the preparation is so easy (especially if you are like me and use frozen, chopped onions). What makes this alfredo the best (vegan) versions I have tried is that it doesn’t have that typical cream cheese taste (thank goodness because I do not like cream cheese) and is not made up of non-dairy milk and flour (boring!). I am not sure how to describe the recipe other than flavourful cashew sauce (that is my best. Sorry!).

This alfredo recipe is especially great for the busy, working people that have only a little time to make a dinner (no one wants to spend hours making dinner – at least I don’t). The ingredients are not weird and should be in everyone’s pantry.

The creator of this recipe, Brandi, did a fabulous job! The only addition that I make to this recipe is some parsley to taste (1/2 – 1 tsp). You can also add a some paprika too, if you wish.

The recipe is found here: Alfredo

Have you tried this recipe? Do you have a favourite alfredo recipe? Feel free to share your go-to alfredo recipe in the comments section.

Lastly, do not judge the recipe on the picture as the picture does not do this alfredo any justice.

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